Women set examples for peacebuilding in Yemen


Some of Yemen’s most effective peacemakers are women. For many, this may come as a surprise: Yemen’s ongoing conflict and longstanding context of gender inequality do not immediately seem like conditions that would create women peacemakers. But in communities across Yemen, women are playing a critical role in conflict resolution, peacebuilding and strengthening social cohesion.

UN Women Yemen, working with Nahj Consulting and Comra Films, presents the stories of four courageous women and their successful efforts to solve conflicts and bring people together. These stories highlight the remarkable way that women work as role models to support their communities during the current period of conflict and humanitarian crisis in Yemen. 

The production was supported by the governments of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. 

Here is the story of Fatima Ahmad, a local community mediator in Mareb:


Here is the story of Fekriah Khaled, a neighbourhood chief from Aden:


Here is the story of Amira Dammag, a local mediator from Ibb: