Arab men figures join #HeForShe campaign to advocate for gender equality

Date: Thursday, April 6, 2017

Men figures from all over the Arab world, as partners in journey, responsibility, and life are gathered in a video campaign by UN Women, Regional Office for Arab States, in partnership with HeForShe to engage men as agents of change to achieve women empowerment and gender equality. They tell the stories of empowered women in their lives, women roles and success, and the importance of working together to achieve equality in all sectors; work, politics, economy, education, science, technology, peace, leadership and all fields to achieve #planet5050 and to make a better world for all.

Every man participates in the campaign sends a message to the world on the importance of being together to achieve gender equality. The campaign features Arab actors, screenwriters, poets, sports players, musicians, designers, scientists, and many more.

“My mother is a working woman. A university professor who loves education and teaching.

So since I was young I believe that women should work. I have three daughters now,

They are being well educated not to end up staying at home! They must benefit their society,” says Hazem Emam, well-known football player in the campaign’s video.

“My oldest daughter has a Masters in international law, and when she wanted to switch to art,

I was her first supporter,” says Medhat Al Adl, well-known screenwriter and producer in his contribution in our campaign."Do what you love to be truly successful" he told her.

The campaign includes several videos, first one was on women in the Changing World of Work, the main theme of International Women’s Day for 2017. It will be followed by more videos covering diverse women issues, such as women in leadership, violence against women, among others.

“We are reaching out to men and boys because we need their support to end gender inequality, and to do that we need everyone to be involved. If we do, the sustainable development goals are indeed within our reach,” says Mohammad Naciri, Regional Director – Arab states, UN Women.