Call for proposals: Partners for Elements of UN Women Lebanon’s Thematic Area Women’s Political Participation (WPP)


CFP No. UNW-AS-LBN-CFP-2022-004

UN Women Lebanon Office welcomes proposals for partnerships to achieve results under Women’s Political Participation programme.

Proposals should suggest interventions to achieve one or more of the following outcomes, outputs, activities, and indicators below, utilizing an approach recommended by the applicant.

Outcome 1: More women across political and civic spaces participate in decision‐making spaces in Lebanon

Output 1.1 Emerging female leaders across civic spaces (including universities and syndicates) are better able to occupy positions of leadership within their sectors, including in elected bodies

Indicative Activities:

  • Identify initiative to address barriers to women’s leadership in each
  • Identify at least 6 entities including university clubs and syndicates, and 300 women to be

Outcome 2: Enhanced advancement of key gender reforms and accountability measures on women’s rights and feminist leadership by feminist coalitions and national women rights machinery

Output 2.1: Enhanced capacity of feminist coalitions, alliances and the national women’s rights machinery to advocate for gender‐responsive reforms, with a focus on personal status, sexual and gender‐based violence, nationality reform, and quotas in elected bodies

Indicative Activities:

  • Monitor and document gender violations, including different types of violations, from economic violations, over Gender Based Violence to Violence Against Women in Politics.
  • Develop a database of GBV cases in Lebanon, allowing transparency around how justice institutions (courts, public prosecution, law enforcement agencies) are enforcing and issue court rulings on cases related to gender justice in Lebanon.


Submission deadline: 31 January 2023

Contact information:

  • Name: Walaa Termos/Jad Halabi
  • Email address:
  • Telephone (including country code): +961 70351037/ +961 70351098