Action for Leadership: How Nokia achieves greater business success by investing in women


Action for Leadership: How Nokia achieves greater business success by investing in women
Photo: Nokia/Rima Manna

In an interview with UN Women, Rima Manna, Head of Middle East Market Unit at Nokia, touched on Nokia’s ambition to become a force that uses technology to advance society’s welfare. Manna described Nokia’s initiatives to promote gender diversity, emphasizing the company’s efforts to support women within and beyond Nokia.

In partnership with UN Women, Nokia developed the Action for Leadership programme, the cornerstone of Nokia’s gender equality and women’s empowerment strategy. Action for Leadership hinges on two pillars capitalizing on the synergy between Nokia’s technological resources and UN Women’s expertise in overcoming challenges encountered by marginalized communities. Reiterating the belief that digital literacy should be a fundamental right, Nokia is well-placed to empower marginalized communities. Manna spoke passionately about the programme's targets. She said, “We envision a world where access to technology is necessary for empowerment, education, and progress for everyone.”

The programme is the flagship of gender equality and women’s empowerment in the tech industry, reaching a broader spectrum of environmental, social, and governance objectives. Through the lens of two major contributors, UN Women's insights into the needs of communities and Nokia's expertise in technology, the project delivers long-term impact solutions in digital empowerment.

According to Manna, research shows that women encounter more hurdles and challenges in their career advancement than their male counterparts. Both women and men tend to have equal career aspirations, but that does not stop gender bias and lack of recognition that can limit career progression. The Action for Leadership programme aims to bridge this gender diversity gap, making women's contributions visible.

Action for Leadership seeks to establish a platform for collaboration where women are involved in decision-making and problem-solving processes and respected and recognized. Manna highlights the holistic nature of this initiative. “It's not about fulfilling quotas. We believe that by empowering women within organizations, we can drive innovation, foster creativity, and ultimately achieve greater business success,” she said. Nokia prioritizes the enrollment of female talent into the programme. It promotes a gender-balanced approach that is beneficial for both business and society.

As we move towards a more inclusive future, Manna's message is loud and clear: The time to act is now. The Action for Leadership programme is a strong testament to Nokia’s dedication to advancing gender equality and women's empowerment, paving the way for others to follow. It represents a springboard for development and a way to move forward to create a more fair, equitable world.

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