Call for Proposals: UN Women Jordan seeks to partner with an organization to provide vulnerable women in camps and host communities with access to high-quality education courses


Reference number: CFP/JOR/001/2023

UN Women is seeking proposals from responsible parties to provide educational opportunities in Oasis centers under the supervision of the UN Women's office in Jordan. It is possible to subcontract with other parties within the partnership.

The Responsible Party shall provide a ToT course for approximately 22 women to facilitate SCE courses as master trainers in a face-to-face modality supported by the SCE online learning platform "EdApp" and guarantee the courses' sustainability.

“EdApp” is a micro-learning platform through the UNITAR/EdApp initiative ‘Educate All’. Educate All is an initiative that gives free access to the platform and a public library of editable content.

The Responsible Party shall have material for training on digital skills[1], financial literacy, personal skills[2], and nutrition and health[3] available[4] and will be responsible for adapting the material and creating learning courses with the material on EdApp.[5] The Responsible Party will make sure that master trainers use the micro-learning platform through the provided hardware and transfer the knowledge through a pilot phase to Oasis beneficiaries. UN Women will provide approximately 60 tablets and 50 computers to enter the SCE online learning platform and guarantee internet access in the targeted Oasis centers.

The responsible party is requested to coordinate with other UN Women partners as relevant to ensure smooth overall implementation of activities in the Oasis centres.


Submission deadline: Proposals must be received by UN Women at the email address specified not later than 5:00 pm Jordan local time on 22 June 2023.

Contact information: 


[1] Digital skills may include advanced topics such as e-marketing.

[2] A personal skills course should include topics such as problem-solving, positive thinking, and goal setting. 

[3] A health and nutrition course may include topics of sexual and reproductive health.

[4] The training content on the agreed courses will be passed on to UN Women during the partnership. It can include the brandings of the Responsible Party.

UN Women conducted a needs assessment with Oasis beneficiaries. The findings will be shared with the Responsible Party to decide on the final topics.

[5] UN Women can support the Responsible Party in creating courses with the provided material on EdApp.