UN Women Palestine 6-month response framework

UN Women Palestine 6-month response framework

Following the escalation of hostilities after the 7 October 2023 Hamas attack on Israel, UN Women is responding in line with its humanitarian strategy, its long-standing work in Palestine on humanitarian assistance and women, peace, and security, and the UN and partner Flash Appeal launched on 6 November 2023. This document articulates UN Women’s 6-month plan to respond to the needs across the Occupied Palestinian Territory, while reflecting the distinct and rapidly evolving realities on the ground in Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

The three pillars of UN Women’s response are:

  1. Providing life-saving assistance to women and girls, including through supporting women’s organizations
  2. Strengthening accountability towards gender commitments in the coordination and implementation of the humanitarian response
  3. Supporting Palestinian women to meaningfully influence political decision-making at all levels

The document also provides an overview of the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. 

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