Regional Analysis of Resilience-focused Programmes in Arab States Region

Regional Analysis of Resilience-focused Programmes in Arab States Region
UN Women Regional Office for the Arab States (ROAS)

With thanks to the Government of Japan, who generously funded the regional LEAP and COVID-19 programmes as well as the resilience monitoring efforts, UN Women was able to roll-out the gender-sensitive resilience capacity index in 5 countries, namely Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Yemen, through 11 of its implementing partners.

This report will present findings on resilience from the lens of 1,276 host community and internally displaced (IDP) women across the five countries. The aim of this report is to generate a better understanding and provide in-depth analysis around resilience and factors critical for strengthening resilience. This will allow UN Women to expand its evidence based on resilience and help better design programmes, ensuring that they are mainly based on needs and vulnerabilities of the population of concern. Despite differences in context, similar themes emerged from these surveys; these speak to women’s life impacted by crisis and displacement being characterized by economic insecurity despite a desire to work, limited access to basic services, challenges in accessing basic services, and exposure to gender-based violence (GBV)

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