Gender Alert on COVID-19 in Lebanon

Authors/editor(s): UN Women, UNFPA, NCLW, WHO

This is the fourth issue in the Gender Alert: Lebanon COVID-19 series, and the first to focus on women, gender equality, and health. Here we examine how COVID-19 affects women and men’s health, as well as the roles women and men play in Lebanon’s healthcare system and key COVID-19 decision making bodies. In line with emerging global trends, Lebanon’s COVID-19 case load indicates a male bias in fatality (69% men | 31% women) and infection rates (57% men | 43% women) to date. Sexual and reproductive health, including maternal health and contraception access, has suffered, though efforts persist to maintain high quality of care. Mental health concerns amongst women, especially female migrant domestic workers, remain high during the COVID-19 outbreak, and accompanying economic conditions.

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Issue No. 1 on Gender-Based Violence and Justice (Arabic | English)

Issue No. 2 on the Economy (Arabic | English)

Issue No. 3 on Gender-Based Violence and Justice (Arabic | English)

Issue No. 4 on Women, Gender Equality, and Health (Arabic | English)

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Geographic coverage: Lebanon

Subject area(s): Humanitarian action

Publication year: 2020

Number of pages: 5