Crushed Voices : Amani Al-Derbi's Story



This is not just a story of War, but a story of Love.

This is not merely a tale of Despair, but a narrative of Hope.

This is simply a story of Eternity, the story of Amani—a story never imagined would end.


It's also the collective story of Amani, Lamia, Najla, and all the Women of Gaza, losing their lives and facing a war not just on Gaza itself, but on its women. These women are pillars of strength: Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Doctors, Leaders, and more. Yet, they are losing their dignity, hope, loved ones, and their very lives.

Amani Al Derbi, at 35, was a hardworking mother, nurturing four beautiful souls with dreams of a brighter future: Firas, 17, Hanan, 16, Amir, 12, and Mustafa, 11. Amani was a beautiful soul herself, once defiant against the storm of war, offering solace to others as a psychotherapist in the Gazan Ministry of Health. Her mission: to provide comfort to those traumatized by years of conflict.

Amani Al Derbi, center, is seen alongside her four children. Amani was killed in an airstrike in Gaza on 7 May 2024.
Amani Al Derbi, center, is seen alongside photos of her four children. Amani and her children were killed in an airstrike in Gaza on 7 May 2024. Photo courtesy of Amani Al Derbi.

After the eruption of war on Gaza, UN Women sought her story [ Amani’s Story ], a testament to Gazan women's resilience. Today, Amani's story takes another tragic fatal turn—a symphony of loss and shattered dreams. With her children, she sought safety, fleeing the relentless warfare that besieged Gaza's streets. Displaced five times, Amani faced the cruel reality: there was no refuge in Gaza. Desperation etched lines upon her face as she pleaded with friends for aid, yearning to break free from fear's endless grip.

Then, on the fateful morning of 7 May, at 4:30 am, an Israeli airstrike ravaged their sanctuary, reducing it to rubble. Amani and her four children, once vibrant souls, were crushed beneath the rubbles. Amani's husband, Mohammad, was the sole survivor, severely injured but managing to evade death. However, the looming question remained: could he endure the anguish of losing his beloved wife and children?

In Gaza, each life lost is not just a number, but a voice crushed, a future snuffed out. This war didn't just take lives; it extinguished hope, leaving behind a desolate landscape where dreams dared not bloom. Gaza now dons the veil of mourning, its women robbed of the vibrant hues they once painted upon its streets.

The international community has lost its "moral compass" when it comes to war-torn Gaza, lamented United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed. "This war is not just a war on Gaza; it's a war on women," emphasized Sima Bahous, highlighting the overlooked yet resilient heroes and the crushed voices under the rubble.

Though the war may have ended Amani's tale, her strength, spirit, power, will, and hope live on, eternal. And as her voice echoes from the rubble, she implores the world to break free from indifference, to usher in a dawn where peace reigns supreme. For Gaza, for its women, the time for silence has ended—it's time for action, to stem the tide of despair and paint Gaza's streets once more with the vibrant colors of life.

Amani Al Derbi is seen with her children.
Amani Al Derbi is seen with her children. Photo courtesy of Amani Al Derbi.