Gender-Responsive Recovery in Lebanon: Recommendations for Fiscal, Social and Labour Policy Reform


There is a tendency for the pursuit of gender equality to fall by the wayside during times of crises and to be considered as a goal of secondary importance that can be placed back on the agenda once economic growth has recovered. But the reality is that taking steps towards gender equality is part of the solution and supporting women to enter the formal economy in significant numbers will widen Lebanon’s tax base and support the fiscal sustainability of Lebanon’s social security programmes. This policy brief provides a set of recommendations to achieve a gender-responsive economic recovery in Lebanon, focused on fiscal, social, labour and monetary policies. It is aimed at policy-makers shaping Lebanon’s recovery framework. They are recommendations designed to create an economic system that is built on equity and that utilizes the economic potential of all Lebanese. Lebanon cannot afford to do otherwise.

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Geographic coverage: Lebanon
Subject areas: Economic empowerment
UN Women office publishing: Arab States/North Africa Regional Office
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