Six essential objects for refugee women and girls

Date: 06 June 2018

Today, 50 per cent of refugees uprooted from their homes from conflict, persecution or natural disasters are women and girls. This translates to more than 11 million refugee women and girls. During times of crisis, their specific needs and voices are often neglected. Below are just some of the objects that give women and girls agency and secure their health, dignity and rights. 

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Razor blade: not just for a clean shave, but a life saving tool to cut umbilical cords.
Bucket: Not just for the Ice Bucket Challenge,  but a means to fetch water

Laptop: Not just a matter of Mac versus PC, but an opportunity to give women independence by learning new skills
A flashlight: Not just for camping in the summer, but a means for women i walk in safety at night

Sanitary Pads: Not just an option of with or without wings, but a necessity for women and girls' health and dignity
Cell phone: Not just to send gifs and emojis, but used for outreach to end gender based violence