Despite the Palestinian Government strong commitment towards achieving gender equality and advancing Palestinian women’s rights, the volatile and fragile context of the occupied Palestinian territory has made progress fragile and prone to regression. Years of Occupation and political strife have affected the socioeconomic situation of the Palestinian population as a whole, but with a particular and differentiated impact on women and girls. Limited access of women to employment opportunities and sustainable financial income, an overwhelming burden of care responsibilities, as well as the marginalization imposed due to geographical fragmentation and associated movement restriction, multiply women’s vulnerability to violence and hinder opportunities to enhance their personal and social status or to access justice and security services. On the political front, though women have been at the forefront in the Palestinian liberation movement and the demand for rights and statehood, they remain underrepresented in decision-making bodies as well as in peace talks and in internal reconciliation committees.

In response to this complex context and the composite needs of Palestinian women and families, UN Women concentrates its efforts and interventions on the following areas:

  • Enhancing Palestinian women’s transformative leadership to participate in decision-making processes in all walks of life and supporting the incorporation of a women’s rights agenda in legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks;
  • Increased economic empowerment and secure livelihoods of Palestinian women, as a means both to participate in and benefit from economic development;
  • Combatting violence against Palestinian women and girls and expanding their access to protection and other services;
  • Bring gender equality dimensions into humanitarian programming, response and assistance, as well as to increase women’s involvement in peace and state-building processes;
  • Supports the efforts of the Palestinian Government to mainstream gender in order to ensure that Palestinian men and women benefit more equally from national public policies, domestic resources and international aid
  • To realize these strategic goals within the context of the oPt, UN Women has adopted a bottom-up approach of community-based women’s empowerment while in parallel, supporting the Palestinian Government in the implementation of gender-sensitive plans and policy-level initiatives. Through its two-pronged approach, UN Women aims to support the resilience and rights of those who are most excluded and marginalized, thereby improving and the lives of thousands of Palestinian women, men, boys and girls.