Call for Proposals: UN Women’s project strengthening women’s leadership and participation in peace processes in the MENA region

Submission deadline: 05 March 2020

UN Women seeks to contribute to building sustainable peace in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by strengthening women’s leadership and participation in high level peace and transition processes, through the transfer of evidence-based knowledge and skills to empower institutions and key actors, including women in the region themselves, to engage in and influence peace processes.

Under this portfolio of work, UN Women implements activities at global policy level, across the MENA region and at country-level with a specific focus on Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen. In this context, UN Women is looking for several partners to implement activities.

Reference number: UNW-ROAS-002-2020

Changes made to the CFP since published:

  • Submission date is extended to Thursday 05 March 2020, 5PM NY time


  • Submitting organizations can sub-contract other organizations and mention these partnerships in their submissions. The lead organization should pass all the mandatory requirements mentioned in the Call for Proposals.
  • Proponents are to apply to complete outputs (all activities in each output), except for component 1, output 1.1 which has “sets” of activities. For this output proponents are welcome to apply to activities only. The submission should cover the parts A and B of each activity.
  • The cost of the Expert Group Meeting (Component 1, output 1, Activity 2, part B) should be budgeted for in the proponent’s submission.
  • Activity 1.1.1- Gender Analysis is reserved for a MENA partner. All other activities can be undertaken by global or MENA partners.
  • Academic institutions are eligible partners for the call.
  • Submitting organizations can propose staffing as per the project’s requirements, these staff costs have to be justified and directly attributable to the project. Staffs can also be charged at a certain percentage on the project.
  • The submitting organization can include support costs in the submitted budget.
  • For activity 1.2.1 (under component 1, output 2) Case Studies for a Phone Application, the number of working days is indicative and can be modified slightly as needed.
  • CSOs in the context of this call are defined as being non-State, not-for-profit, voluntary entities formed by people in the social sphere that are separate from the State and the market. This includes Academic Institutions.


Contact information


Contact person name: Anouk Heili

E-mail address:

Telephone (including country code):+20 1270456 041