Statement: UN Women in Egypt congratulates the National Council for Women on the approval of the new law regulating the council


Cairo—In line with the national efforts to advance the status of Egyptian women, UN Women in Egypt congratulated the President of the National Council for Women on the approval of the law passed by the Egyptian Parliament on 15 April concerning regulating the work of the council.

Together with the National Women’s Strategy 2030, this law is another major achievement towards ensuring that Egyptian women are granted the rights stipulated in the 2014 constitution and that remarkable efforts are implemented to empower women in all spheres; political, social and economic, which reconfirms that women’s empowerment is among the central priorities for the sustainable development of Egypt.

This law is also critical in positioning the women’s empowerment agenda at the center of Egypt’s inclusive and sustainable development efforts while equipping the National Council for Women with the right mandate and authority to ensure effective implementation and monitoring so that accountability mechanisms towards gender equality and women’s empowerment are put in place.

UN Women welcomes this development with enthusiasm given its critical impact towards strengthening institutional arrangements for enhancing women’s rights in country and applauds the Egyptian Parliament for their support. Given these positive steps, UN Women would like to reiterate its commitment to its efforts and expand its programmes in support of national efforts so that those foundations translate into equal opportunities for women and girls across Egypt at all levels.

For more information, please contact Maha Rateb; Communication and Advocacy Associate at maha.rateb[at]