Lebanon’s Feminist Civil Society Platform Commemorates the memory of the victims of the Beirut Blast

On the first commemoration of the Beirut blast, the members of Lebanon’s Feminist Civil Society Platform condemn all attempts to obstruct the course of justice and impede the lifting of immunities of suspects of the port explosion and demand that those responsible for the third deadliest blast in the world be held accountable. The signatories to this statement reiterate their call for a prompt, impartial, credible, and independent investigation to examine all claims and concerns in relation to the explosion and to integrate a gender lens in all actions taken. Effective reparation should be warranted to all affected people, without discrimination, including women and girls as well as persons with disabilities, migrants, refugees, LGBTQIA2+ people, among other marginalized communities. 

Lebanon’s Feminist Civil Society Platform is formed of 46 feminist civil society actors and activists who were convened by UN Women in the aftermath of the 4th of August blast and issued a unified Charter of Demands to put women’s issues at the center of the disaster response plan. Since then, the Feminist Platform conducted various advocacy efforts including the contribution to the development of the Lebanon Reform, Recovery & Reconstruction Framework (3RF) sector plans as well as meetings with representatives of the donor community in Lebanon and the leadership of the United Nations, European Union, and the World Bank to share their gendered priorities and demands. 

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Geographic coverage: Lebanon

Subject area(s): Gender equality and inequality

Publication year: 2020

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